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Wonder! is a virtual reality app that enables you to create your own workout metaverse

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Create & share your own Metaverse inside Wonder

Create your favorite virtual reality world (Metaverse) with your favorite songs and custom your favorite exercise routines in seconds!
Inside Wonder, you are the creator of your own experience . 


Our Solution

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Football Coach

Design your workout

Upload your own music and create your own workout. Also share your workout with your friends and community

Jumping Break Dancer


Play the workouts songs created by Wonder. This system helps you to have a personalized full body workout.

Boxing Session


Invite a partner and challenge them into a duel contest.  You can create a routine in real time, at the rhythm of the song

Fit Women

Multiplayer mode

Play and challenge your friends in different environments to win more trophies and unlock new challenges

Fit Woman with Headphones

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