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We Are Wonder!

We're creating the best in interactive fitness by making apps that change the way people exercise.

Virtual Reality

Our mission at Wonder! is to change the way people exercise by making fitness training more social, fun and accesible. 


We want you to exercise with your best friends, favorite celebrities and fitness coaches.


We want you to enjoy the process of getting in shape.


We want to grant a healthy lifestyle among the world. That is why Wonder! is FREE to play

VR Goggles

What We Are About


Virtual Reality was a dream not so long ago, now it is a reality. Wonder started as a Dream, now we are building this reality.


We rely in creative people both inside the company and outside in our communities.


We want you to be part of the next generation of fitness communities 

Meet the Founders

Our Offices

Our Studio is inside the Metaverse

We truly believe in immersive technologies that is why we are fully remote and our HQ are in the metaverse.

Want to join our team?

We’d Love to Work With You

We are constantly looking for creative, crazy and hardworking people to work with. If you believe in crazy ideas your place is here!

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